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Aroma Velloro

The highest quality of coffee depends on many factors. Because we choose the finest coffee beans, we believe that the barista is who makes the coffee exceptional. Therefore, we created the educational program “Aroma Velloro Training,” so our clients can learn about our blends and brewing methods.

Visit our roastery 01
As a first step, we decided to show our clients our love for high-quality coffee.

Therefore, we chose to start our program with the introduction of our raw coffee beans. Our clients will see the green coffee in sacks in the roastery, and they will learn about the production countries and the minimum standards. Our clients will also discover more about our packaging. We choose to package with the best materials because we care about the maintenance of our product. We try to preserve our fine quality for as much as possible.

Professional espresso machines 02
The secret of a great coffee is in the brewing method, and we want to show our clients the most suitable way for our coffee.

The second part of our program focuses on the professional espresso machines that our clients will use. Based on the espresso machines we show our clients the correct brewing for our blends. The training is by a highly educated partner with years of experience in the maintenance and trading of professional espresso machines.

Tour of our company 03
The last stop of our program also serves as the welcome in “Aroma Velloro.

In our company, we will show our clients our “Greek Meraki” for great coffee. We will also make a tour of our storage, and we will inform our clients about our method and our logistics.