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Aroma Velloro

If you want your menu to stand out, then you’ve come to the right place!

The Aroma Velloro team creates innovative coffee-based recipes that will wow the crowd in your store and make you stand out!

For winter mornings, we suggest that the baristas prepare for their customers a variation of the Mocha, a drink that combines coffee, milk and chocolate!

For the drink, you will need:

• 2 shots of espresso. Prefer Aroma Velloro’s Blu 100% Arabica espresso blend with notes of caramel & chocolate.• 170ml whole milk with 3.5% fat.

• 19gr of chocolate drink. Prefer Aroma Velloro’s white chocolate drink with whole pieces of oreo cookies.


Preparation (as you prepare a double cappuccino but also combining chocolate drink):

1. Start extraction for 2 shots of espresso.

2. Put the milk in the jug, add the chocolate drink and prepare the frothed milk with the help of the nozzle, as you do the procedure for cappuccino.

3. Add the espresso and then the hot foamed milk to the mug.

Special Tip: Garnish with grated couverture and oreo cookies.


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